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Here's video walkthrough of an interactive 3D architectural visualisation we created in Adelaide for The Wave luxury penthouse - June 2010. If you're browsing on a mac or pc, try out the fully interactive version here.

November 2013
Fashion label Pony Black Co. has a new brand spanking new logo design by Dianna, along with letterpressed business cards and swing tags, beautifully custom printed by Flywheel of New Norfolk.

22 July 2011
IHOS Opera have contracted us to be 'Installation Artists' for their upcoming production of The Barbarians. The premiere season will be part of MONA FOMA 2012, 18-22 Jan.

15 Feb 2011
We've just uploaded a video Mark edited of a Summer Christmas Soirée at the beautiful, historic home Dysart House.

3 October 2010
Tetsuya has developed his own Soft Smoked Ocean Trout for international markets.
The video we edited about it is available to watch here in both English and Italian.

16 March 2010
Digital Kitchen today announced its forthcoming documentary about 'super chef' Tetsuya Wakuda, to be screened 17 June 2010 on SBS1 Australia. Mark has been working as Assistant Editor on this incredible project since last year. International screening dates to follow.

15 March 2010
We've been very busy behind the scenes building the foundation of Hermetica Software Pty Ltd. The business-side of the game development industry is a whole other game in itself. Exciting times!

Clockwork Beehive Pty Ltd continues to provide you with comprehensive new media design services. We can turn your idea into amazing digital reality - through animation, video, web, graphic design, interactive content, and applications for iPhone and iPad. Wherever you are in development, contact us now for a free quote.

4 February 2010
In the Department of Useful Things, Mark made an iCal Calendar for keeping track of Public Holidays in Tasmania. It's free to download at the link below:

We'll never turn up to work on a day off, by mistake, ever again!

1 December 2009
Hermetica Software Pty Ltd is now registered as our dedicated game development company! The game is still super secret but what we can tell you is that it's a first-person puzzle-solving adventure game, titled, as you may have guessed, HERMETICA.

28 September 2009
We are pleased to announce that our talented game development team includes writer, Ben Stephenson, and the genius coders of Secret Lab, Paris Buttfield-Addison and Jon Manning. Last week, we introduced them all to two of our mentors, the mysterious Dr. X and Jay Kyburz, who joined us in Hobart for 3 days of intensive design discussions. Serious business was never so much fun.

7 September 2009
The video we edited and post-produced in collaboration with artist, John Vella, for architectural firm, Terroir, is being exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra from 11 September - 15 November.

29 May 2009
Raise your glass. We are incorporated! From the 1st of July 2009 we'll be trading as Clockwork Beehive Proprietary Limited. Our brilliant new accountant, lawyer and mentors are helping us grow our game development business into a company par excellence. Next update, we'll introduce you to some of the team. Watch this space.

25 March 2009
As if by magic, an amazing team is coming together to create our video game. Details are mostly secret at this stage, and there is still much to do but we're so excited, we're set to burst.

24 December 2008
A letter just came from the Tasmanian Minister for Economic Development, Michael Aird, approving an investment in our very own computer game project! w00t! Big thanks to everyone at Screen Tasmania and the Department of Economic Development for their support, and thank you to all the fantastic people we've worked with in the past year. Wishing Happy Holidays to you all.

7 August 2008
It's official! Clockwork Beehive makes international award winning animation. Mark Cornelius's work with Terrapin Puppet Theatre for EXPLOSION THERAPY - a 45 minute animation for screen with live performance - has received the award for the Most Excellent Production in Shanghai... read more...

7 August 2008
We put up a new sign outside our studio and our friendly neighbour, Bob at Lansdell Glass, asked if we'd named our business after the old one. What old one?: we asked. The building we're in was built in 1840; the bricks bear the mark of the broad-arrow, pressed in by the convicts who made them. Aside from this, all we knew of its history was that between 1900 and 1950 (ish) it was home to two posh ladies, and then in the 1950s it became an Italian restaurant - The Etna. It was, apparently, THE place in town to take your loved-one on a date. Cab drivers of a certain age still know where to go when you say "the old Etna", and their eyes light up when they tell of the nights they had there. Bob was kind enough to whip out some old photographs taken around the 1880s clearly showing the side of the building painted with a large sign. It read, HAWKINS BEEHIVE HARDWARE STORE. Old Mr Bill Lansdell smiled and said the coincidence was "spooky". We think so too.

4 July 2008
Leaders in the global game development industry, 2K Australia gave us a warm welcome and made us feel right at home while we undertook an attachment in their v. cool studio. We went to heaven for one whole week and we didn't even have to die. Our big thanks to the team at 2K, and thanks also to Screen Tasmania for helping to facilitate our professional development there. Good timing meant we could also attend the Women In Games seminar at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, and spend a day at GAME ON. How lucky was that.

30 April 2008
Today, we took the day off but we had the best of reasons.

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Tetsuya's SBS Doco DVD

Take a closer look at Tetsuya's Pursuit of Excellence
- the SBS documentary edited by Mark about
'super chef' Tetsuya Wakuda.


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